FWA FTZ quote

Blackford County is one of 13 northeast Indiana counties operating in Foreign-Trade Zone #182, also known as BizFTZ.

A ForBizFTZeign-Trade Zone (FTZ) is a site within the United States that is generally considered to be outside of Customs territory for the purpose of duties, so goods may be brought into the site duty-free and without formal Customs entry. Foreign-Trade Zones provide users with the opportunity to lower costs and boost profits by allowing them to reduce, eliminate, or defer the Customs duties they would have otherwise paid.

Operating in a FTZ can be a significant advantage to firms that import components or manufacture finished products from foreign components for export. Any company within a FTZ can apply to be a FTZ Operator allowing it to defer, or even avoid, payment of import duties and often enjoy a lower tariff rate. Restrictions, limitations, and regulations regarding how much merchandise can be brought into the country are eased or eliminated as long as the merchandise remains in the FTZ.

The BizFTZ website contains additional information on the benefits of the FTZ and how to begin the process of becoming an active FTZ site.