Blackford County Unveils County-Wide Marketing Initiative



The Blackford County Economic Development Corporation unveiled the results of a County Wide Marketing Initiative at a Ribbon Tying Event.


The Marketing Initiative has provided an instrumental tool used in attraction of people, tourism, business and investment into Blackford County. It also provides a source of community pride and information for those already living and committed to Blackford County.


“We were excited to be able to finally show the community what we have been working on, and feel the results speak for themselves. The new logos and other elements will add a sense of identity and pride, which has always been the goal,” said Colton Bickel, executive director of the Blackford County Economic Development Corporation.


The Marketing Initiative project began from the Focus Forward Plan completed in 2017, as a desired action item. Through the planning process it was determined the County needed to develop a BRAND, that could be utilized in marketing efforts. The Blackford County EDC then applied for and received a 50/50 matching grant from the Indiana Office of Tourism Development. “We are thankful for the IOTD and their willingness to invest the grant dollars into our County, as well as, the municipalities for the matching dollars,” said Bickel.


The Ribbon Tying event will unveiled the primary elements created out of the Marketing Initiative, while also giving details regarding the additional elements. The new logos, one each for Blackford County, City of Hartford City, and City of Montpelier will be revealed, as well as a Community Video, which will be placed on a new website. The website will be a destination for both those living and visiting Blackford County. It will include a community calendar, as well as additional tourism information. The event will also unveil a brochure to be placed at various locations throughout the County and Region. Bickel stated, “These branding elements represent a big step in showcasing Blackford County as a place to not only visit, but stay.”


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