For more information regarding utility services and rates in Blackford County, or for a customized estimate of utility costs for a specific operation, please email Colton Bickel, Executive Director of Blackford County Economic Development or call 765-348-4944.


provided by Indiana Michigan Power, a unit of American Electric Power (AEP)

As shown in this graphic, electric costs in Blackford County are lower than the state and national averages.   Industrial rates are 16% less than the state average and 15% less than the national average.

Indiana Michigan Power also offers an incentive to both new and existing customers for qualifying projects. This Economic Development Rider (EDR) discount ranges from 30-40% and is applied to the monthly demand charge for 36 months.  In order to qualify, the project must meet all four of these requirements:

  1. must increase load by a minimum of 1,000 kilovolt-amps
  2. must add at least 10 new FTEs at its I&M territory location
  3. The project must be in direct competition with an area outside of the I&M service territory,
    thereby making the EDR a decision-making factor in the site location process.  (The EDR cannot be granted if a decision to locate with in the I&M service territory has already been finalized.)
  4. The project must fall under one of the approved Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes.


Natural Gas

provided by Vectren which serves more than one million natural gas customers in Indiana and Ohio



all industrial/commercial sites in Blackford County are served by municipally owned and operated water and wastewater systems



multiple providers service Blackford County with high-speed telecommunications, including fiber optic solutions



Indiana Fiber Network

Frontier Communications